25 Years in Marketing Support

Quantum Marketing Services has now been supplying its excellent range of marketing support services to companies for an impressive 25 years.

Founded in March 1990, QMS has seen many changes over the past decades especially in the march of technology and significant changes in the communication options available to everyone.

Throughout the years, we have always striven to grow and evolve our service offering in line with what the market expects and needs. When QMS started trading all those years ago, email use was not very widespread and the Internet was still some way off major deployment. Data was supplied on ‘floppy discs’ delivered by couriers on motorbikes or simply pre-printed onto sheets of labels.

As the market changes we change with it. We are constantly looking at what direction the market is moving in and adjust our services accordingly.

25 years of continuous trading supplying top quality support services to hundreds of companies and agencies from across the UK and beyond provides testament to our ability to maintain highly relevant and technically competent solutions for today’s marketplace.

Quantum Marketing Services – We can handle it!

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