Kitting & Packing Services

We specialise in the manual collation and assembly of complex multi-item projects to any volume. With a culture of care and careful monitoring processes we ensure both accuracy and speed of response.

This is an ideal service to support your campaign needs where bespoke packing services are required.

What is Kitting and Packing Services

Kitting and packing is when an organisation takes a stock-keeping unit and comprises it with other items and components which then creates a kit or a bundle. Therefore, this enables companies to increase their catalogue as you can have thousands of listings out of only a couple items as there is several different ways to combine these items.

Kitting and Packing Services at QMS

At QMS, our operations centre is equipped to support marketing projects that need special bespoke packing for items such as kit packing, incentive, motivational and launch projects. Our dedicated team will work with you to understand your needs and put in place procedures to manage your projects.

This will be a tailored service to best suit your specialised packing needs and the level of support you require. It will include all key touch points of the work such as collation and assembly, supplier co-ordination, packing solutions, distribution and reporting.

Our Service Offering

  • Dedicated warehouse team
  • Secure environment for peace of mind
  • Quality controlled production
  • Prompt turnaround
  • Supplier co-ordination and quality checking
  • Stock management and reporting
  • Supply of packing materials
  • National and international distribution
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To find out more about our bespoke kitting and packing services and the other marketing support services we can provide please call us on 01483 863300.


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