Fancy A Drink? How QMS Packed and shipped beer for a major sales initiative

Some You Win. Cheers!

We were appointed to manage the packing, assembly and distribution of  two bottles of lager beer to participants of a major sales incentive that a national bank were running for their financial advisors. 

We were asked to suggest ideas for the packaging of the two bottles of beer and we came up with the idea of a mini version of a twin wine bottle pack. The client loved this and we then had to find out if this item of packaging existed, which unfortunately it did not.

We spoke to our contacts far and wide and were eventually put in touch with a company on the south coast who had the machinery and the flexibility to produce relatively short run quantities. We subsequently placed an order for 2000 units made to our specification and covered in a gold paper finish. They looked stunning and with special high quality labels added the end result was superb. We packed and despatched the 2000 units throughout the country to regional centres with each pack personalised to recipients.

The reaction that we got from the bank via our agency client was extremely positive, so much so that they ordered another 2000 units.

Given the relative newness of our relationship with the supplier we needed to pay for both lots on a pro-forma basis which was not an issue to us. So we paid for the second order and waited for delivery.

The delivery date to us for the second batch  was not met so we called the company to chase them, only to be advised that the company had been put into receivership just after we had placed and paid for our order.

Not an easy time for us but a situation that we felt best to deal with ourselves rather than worry our agency client and their bank client. After a number of calls over the next two days to attempt to speak with the receivers we were relieved to find out that as we had ordered and paid for our second batch 2 days before the company had been put into receivership our order would be honoured.

Phew! bit of a close one. The second batch of packaging duly arrived, we packed and despatched the batches and everyone was very happy.

One interesting fact is that the reason the supplier was put into receivership was that their bank had foreclosed on them – and yes you can probably guess who the bank were. They were the bank for whom the job was being done!!

As they say – Keep Calm & Carry On!

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