From the Ordinary to the Exotic

One of our anonymous but famed clients were holding a cookery exhibition in Berlin and had recruited a high profile chef to exhibit for them. The chef agreed on one condition – that his own top of the range gas cooker from his home in Hampshire be transported to the exhibit in Berlin.

Not an average job for our Quantum Marketing Services team but we had no doubt that we could complete this mission successfully. Working out the logistics was a fundamental part of this job; we arranged for specialist teams to pack, ship and deliver the gas oven on time for the cookery exhibition in Berlin. The oven arrived in pristine condition after its arduous journey overseas. However, one problem – through no fault of our own the exhibition centre had no gas!

No problem the Quantum Marketing Services team said! We arranged the journey back to Hampshire; packaging, shipping and delivering the gas range oven with the same diligence as before. The oven arrived back at its home in leafy Hampshire, safe and sound.

Experienced Marketing Support and Logistics Company

As this shows, sometimes the exotic can be the norm for us at Quantum Marketing Services. We can approach the most unusual jobs with our two decades of experience in marketing support, logistics, direct mailing, warehousing and distribution; to ensure that every job is accomplished with excellence.

From the ordinary to the exotic; whatever your needs, get in touch with our Marketing Services team by emailing us at  or call us on +44 (0)1483 863 300 or visit our marketing services page for further information about what we can do for you.

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