How we provided direct mail for an international airline

We were contracted by an agency partner on behalf of a large international airline to mail out 300,000 sealed mailers as part of a major new business drive.

The procedure was that the mailers would be delivered into QMS sealed and that all we would need to do would be to sort data for mailsort savings, run the 120mm sq items through our addressing system and despatch. A simple enough job, but one that would take 3-4 days to complete.

Our instructions to our agency client, who was managing the design and print aspects, were very clear: Please ensure the position of the white area for print (the mailers had a dark blue background) was centrally positioned and that this area was also kept as matt so as to ensure that the ink used for addressing adhered to the mailer.

Mailers arrive and there was no white area printed for us to lay the address on!!

So, mild panic to say the least as leadtime was already very tight! Our solution was to hire a labelling machine and run the 300000 mailers through this to apply a white label and subsequently then run them through the addressing system.

So there was no time, and in fact no desire, to reprint and to have run address labels and hand assembled would have taken longer and cost far more than the option we proposed.

Thankfully the client agreed that this was the best solution. We still had to hit the same deadline so we double shifted on the project with people starting as early as 5.00am and working late into the night. 
End result: Job went out on time to a high standard. ‘Safe Hands’ saved the day!

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