Marketing & Creative Handbook posts QMS Blog

QMS is delighted to announce that the Marketing & Creative Handbook (MCH) has published their latest Pick & Pack fulfilment blog.

eCommerce vs. High Street

The blog explains how the internet is taking over from our High Streets and becoming a haven for the virtual shopper, offering even more unique and wonderful retail experiences for the consumer. Successful online retail entrepreneurs are realising that to survive and thrive in a tough market, the switch to an online presence is the only way forward.

John Giles, Managing Director at QMS said, “The MCH handbook is well known within the industry, we’re extremely pleased to have our regular blogs posted on their site. It is still the go-to directory for companies looking for a reputable service provider of advertising, creative marketing, fulfilment services and promotional campaigns.

“As the blog mentions, the internet is now the tool that everybody uses from socialising to shopping, so it is the natural progression for retail businesses to offer their products via an online marketplace to reach their desired target markets.;

“Our fulfilment services help online retailers store, despatch and fulfil their online orders without taking their focus away from developing their proposition, which is the key element for any business”

About MCH

MCH was founded in Bristol in 1984 with the sole purpose of helping brand owners and businesses find people who can help them with their advertising and marketing. MCH was the first specialist web based directory and now lists thousands of different companies in over 2000 sections, as well as 14 city pages. 

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