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If there is one thing that is essential to every good fulfilment service, it’s a good warehouse. And if there is one thing essential to every good warehouse, it’s a good forklift truck.

It lifts, it carries, it beeps, and according to Youtube, it can even do stunts in the car park. No, we haven’t tried it, promise! But, what the humble forklift really does is keep the entire warehouse operation moving from start to finish.

While we’ve all seen how a forklift works, have you ever thought about how much room it needs to manoeuvre into position? No? It’s not really something that comes up.

At QMS we’ve actually given it quite a bit of consideration and now our Surrey warehouse has been treated to a shiny new forklift.  The one we’ve bought is quite special too. It’s called a ‘Bendi’ and what makes it really clever is the fact that the front end can pivot 220 degrees. So instead of needing lots of room to turn and line up, it can access pallets with very little space.

What this means is that the racks in our warehouse can now be much closer together and we can get much more stock in the same amount of space. This single, simple change instantly improves our efficiency.

Our dedicated warehouse team are constantly working to make every aspect of what we do more efficient and the new forklift is just one of the things we have introduced recently. We want to get the maximum ‘bang for our buck’ so we can offer our customers the maximum for theirs.

So, if you want to pay for empty space in a warehouse, with capacious avenues between the racks of stock, then we’re probably not the company for you. But, if you want a full service marketing company that utilises the latest technology and continually innovates to bring you the best pick and pack and fulfilment servicecontact QMS today.

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