The Importance of Data Integrity for Business

Information is King!

Some months ago, a publication from Germany started to arrive at our offices. This journal, of a highly technical nature, is called ‘European Coatings Journal’.

The standard of the address information is impeccable albeit the person to whom it is sent does not work nor has ever worked either in or for our business.

Add to this the fact that we are as remote in terms of business as you can get to the coatings industry and you will come to the same conclusion as me, that they have sourced data or been given data of a lower than acceptable integrity.

Looking through the journal, it reminds me very much of the end of show feature on ‘Have I Got News For You’ when they take a relatively obscure publication and blank out one or more words from an article title which the panellists have to guess or come up with some witty suggestions.
All good fun so here is one  from ‘European Coatings Journal ‘  February 2013:

  ‘Getting ____ with ____’ If this was used on the programme for topical humour then I might say something like  ‘ Getting value with Horsemeat’ but we are not so the correct answer is ‘Getting more with less’

And getting more with less is quite often what businesses attempt in the purchase of data. The sexy part of new business development, for a lot of people, comes from the setting of a strategy and plan followed by the development of ideas and creative thought. The sourcing of data is often left as an aside for an unrelated IT person or even a junior team member to do.

Cutting corners with data is tantamount to removing one of the cornerstones of any communication initiative. You only get less with less not more!!

QMS has worked in the data sourcing and management market sector for over 20 years and we know how to ensure that targeting is correct and that data is fresh and relevant.

I will advise the European Coatings Journal to remove our company from it’s circulation list although it will be a wrench not to receive such a riveting good read each month!!!

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