To Brussels & Back!!

Quantum Marketing Services has, over the past 22 years, been involved with projects that were complex, huge or simply exotic. Or on some occasions all of the above! This blog entry is the first in a series of stories that will hopefully make you laugh as well as give you an understanding of our experience and capabilities.

We were working for a large incentive management agency who asked us to manage the physical aspects of a special Valentine’s ‘thank you’ mailing on behalf of one of their large automotive industry clients.

The plan was simple (it always is to begin with). We would receive a substantial quantity of circular tins each containing a specially moulded logo raised up from a solid piece of chocolate. This gave the logo a prominentappearance when the tin was opened – or that was the plan when our agency partner ordered them.

The items duly arrived 4 days before we had to pack and despatch them to addresses across the UK. Just one problem, the logo was not raised out of the chocolate but recessed into the solid chocolate roundel, definitively not what the end client wanted.

So, as can be imagined, a period of frenetic activity ensued with the agreement by the Belgium Chocolatier that they could produce another batch in time but not deliver them as they would not be ready until early morning of the 13th February. So,down to Quantum to supply a solution.

We agreed to send one of our handling team with one of our vans to Belgium the night before with clear instructions to collect the consignment as close to 9,00am on the 13th as possible! This was achieved and all he had to do was get to the ferry and bring the items back to us in Godalming.  

Upon arriving at the ferry he discovered that due to bad weather the ferry had been cancelled (much tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth). After a couple of hours the weather cleared and he was able to board a later ferry. Things were getting a bit tight so you can imagine that his arrival back to our offices at 4.45pm was greeted with sighs of relief and a team of people waiting to pack, address and deliver the several hundred items to the Royal Mail for special delivery next day. Phew, we made it with minutes to go and Valentine’s Day blushes were spared!

Quick thinking, flexibility and teamwork saved the day – or to put it another way ‘Safe Hands’.

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