Going from database to delivery for a major client

Client: Speciality Beverage manufacturerProject: Marketing Business Development DatabaseType: Long term, medium volumeRelationship: Direct client Our Role Design a relational segmented database capable of managing communication flow for all the clients existing activities. Build in flexibility for future expansion Clean, upgrade and assign existing data into correct segments Implement regular data enhancement programme Manage all outbound communications Hot-line managementResponse capture … Read more

Check out our exciting new Branding

Quantum Marketing Services has now reached the heady heights of over 23 years of continuous membership of the marketing services sector. During this time we have worked, either directly or indirectly, with almost every big brand name you could think of across most business sectors. We pride ourselves on achieving remarkable results, something that only happens … Read more

The Importance of Data Integrity for Business

Information is King! Some months ago, a publication from Germany started to arrive at our offices. This journal, of a highly technical nature, is called ‘European Coatings Journal’. The standard of the address information is impeccable albeit the person to whom it is sent does not work nor has ever worked either in or for … Read more

How we handled database and fulfilment services for a major loyalty scheme

Client: Major international hotel groupProject: Loyalty Card programmeType: High volume, long-term programmeRelationship: Agency partner client Our Role Design a database capable of managing weekly downloads of circa 8000 records allowing for 4000 permutations and six languages Manage data flow and produce personalised extended A4 letters and thermally printed membership cards Match and affix cards to letters, collate and pack … Read more

New Product Launch Pack Management

Client: Major Mobile Service OperatorProject: VAR Salesforce IncentivesType: Small in size but 4-5 per annumRelationship: Agency partner client Our Role Receipt of data Receipt of all materials Personalised production Make-up of complex launch packs with variable contents Multiple matching Assembly, collation and despatch Services Used Complex assembly Data management Despatch management Materials quality control Personalised production Secure storage Specialised … Read more

Developing Greater Resilience with 3PL from QMS

While the new way of lean manufacturing and distribution has led to many benefits for getting your products to consumers, recent world events have shown the risk of consolidating your distribution too heavily. In this article, we explore how you can increase the resilience of your supply chain while planning for the future needs of … Read more

UK eCommerce Industry is Looking Rosy – Here’s Why!

Researchers from Statista estimate that by 2025, the UK ecommerce industry will reach £113 billion in market value. In these uncertain days, why is the ecommerce industry landscape looking so sunny and bright as it approaches the next few years and beyond?  Technology is the main reason the industry is on the crest of this financial … Read more

5 Ways 3PL Services Can Make your Life Easier

While the term third party logistics or 3PL is not new, it still remains somewhat mysterious to many. Understanding what a 3PL provider does and the advantages to you might just be what your business has been looking for this whole time! What is 3PL and why is it important?  A 3PL provider is a … Read more

Portal Power

Who would have known that 1995 would have been such a significant year for the e-commerce industry? Amazon.com and eBay.com went live that year unknowingly, changing forever how we all use the World Wide Web. These two industry outliers have continued to set the pace and trends for the e-commerce industry from the mid-nineties, changing … Read more

New Year, New Business Goals?

Do you want your online business to take off this year and need to build a stronger supply chain? Then look no further, you have come to the right place. 2022 is the year your e-Commerce business can hit the ground running, and you can count on QMS’ 3PL services to deliver you a winning start for … Read more